Let’s face it: Online marketing isn’t easy, and it’s hard to find awesome copywriters who actually know how to create results for your business.

When you need your audience to take action, generic language won’t cut it.

Your target customer is so bombarded with information that they could miss your well-crafted message completely if it’s not razor sharp.

If you want your brand on their brain, it starts with how you speak to them.

I’m here because my passion is infusing copy with actionable cues and on-brand language to deliver the results you’re looking for.

As my happy clients will attest (see some testimonials at right), I bring more to the table than your average copywriter.

I’m all about knocking your socks off. I come equipped with over six years of experience crafting effective, streamlined copy for major companies like Refinery29, Victoria’s Secret, J.Crew and John Varvatos.

I’m your girl if you’re looking for someone who…

  • Cares about your business
  • Make you look good to customers
  • Has lightning fast turnaround
  • Loathes generic copy
  • Values thorough communication
  • Exceeds your expectations

How sweet would it be if your next project was a breeze, because you didn’t need to hire three different writers to revise, revise, revise?

What if you could get it right the first time? All of that copy anxiety can be vanquished with the help of an effective writer.

I specialize in:

  • Home + landing page copy 
  • Sales page copy
  • Blog content
  • Social media content
  • Email newsletters
  • About pages + bios
  • eBooks
  • Descriptive product copy (PDP, Etsy, Amazon)

Anyone with a laptop can create marketing materials, but it takes a seasoned pro to create results.

If you’d like to work with me, simply drop me an email and we’ll get the conversation going. My response time is pretty stellar.

I genuinely look forward to working with you.

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John Varvatos

Summary: Copywriter & Digital Content Manager. Development & execution of overarching seasonal campaign themes & editorial initiatives. Seasonal copy for eCommerce product & marketing channels including social media & email language. Copy editing & development for PR material including press releases, designer’s collection inspiration & in-store signage. SEO meta description copy for eCommerce site.

Timeline: March 2015 to present.

Location: New York, NY


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Victoria’s Secret

Summary: Senior Copywriter. Developed copy for special projects in swimwear division enhancing customer education & eCommerce experience. Worked with content team to develop copy for seasonal swimwear catalogues in alignment with overarching brand initiatives. Presented UX & retail trend research to department head for use in ideation sessions.

Timeline: November 2014—February 2015

Location: New York, NY


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Latin Lover Magazine

Summary: Contributing Writer for Latin Lover Magazine. Latin Lover is an NYC-based English language magazine that celebrates all facets of Latin culture through editorials, photos, poetry, interviews and more. I wrote an article about cumbia music and it’s relevance in NYC.

Timeline: Issue #8 – STREET (August 2014)

Location: New York, NY


In print & online. Click to read the full article: Cumbia Loves New York

Interview: Boho Daily

I was recently featured in an interview on the Boho Daily blog by Tiny Devotions. Boho Daily profiles inspiring women and asks them for insight on how they share with their communities, both online and off. Click here to read my interview.


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