I’m Michelle Christina Larsen: a Brooklyn-based lifestyle writer & digital content developer. I’m also the founder and Editor in Chief of the digital nomad resource blog Day Job Optional.

With over six years of experience creating branded content and story-infused copy for major companies like Victoria’s Secret, J.Crew and John Varvatos, I’ve returned to the mobile office to take on remote projects with inspired creatives around the world. I love collaborating, whether it’s on a blog post, email marketing or an eBook. Truthfully, I spend an inordinate amount of time with my pink VAIO laptop.

I thrive on turning out epic results for wonderful clients. Current projects include travel writing assignments, freelance mentoring and digital content development for small businesses—think content writing, branding, social media graphics and stunning blog posts.

Also worth noting: palm trees are my spirit animal.


Featured in’s Former Interns “Where Are They Now?”


Because I get many messages from people interested in freelance writing, I wrote this blog post with all of my best tips. Shoot me an email and let me know if it helps you!

→ How To Launch Your Freelance Writing Career

You can also grab a cup of tea and read my journey from directionless fashion school grad to senior level copywriter (and many things in between):

→ How I Became A Freelance Copywriter

John Varvatos

Summary: Copywriter & Digital Content Manager. Development & execution of overarching seasonal campaign themes & editorial initiatives. Seasonal copy for eCommerce product & marketing channels including social media & email language. Copy editing & development for PR material including press releases, designer’s collection inspiration & in-store signage. SEO meta description copy for eCommerce site.

Timeline: March 2015 to present.

Location: New York, NY


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Victoria’s Secret

Summary: Senior Copywriter. Developed copy for special projects in swimwear division enhancing customer education & eCommerce experience. Worked with content team to develop copy for seasonal swimwear catalogues in alignment with overarching brand initiatives. Presented UX & retail trend research to department head for use in ideation sessions.

Timeline: November 2014—February 2015

Location: New York, NY


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Latin Lover Magazine

Summary: Contributing Writer for Latin Lover Magazine. Latin Lover is an NYC-based English language magazine that celebrates all facets of Latin culture through editorials, photos, poetry, interviews and more. I wrote an article about cumbia music and it’s relevance in NYC.

Timeline: Issue #8 – STREET (August 2014)

Location: New York, NY


In print & online. Click to read the full article: Cumbia Loves New York

Interview: Boho Daily

I was recently featured in an interview on the Boho Daily blog by Tiny Devotions. Boho Daily profiles inspiring women and asks them for insight on how they share with their communities, both online and off. Click here to read my interview.


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